Say It With Me….

Warning old Starbucks drive thru rant……

” I’d like an extra large iced coffee with cream please.””

“Oh you mean our Trenta! Trenn- Taahhh! That size is called a Trent-TAH”

“Ok. Whatever your largest size is called”

“That would be a Trenta! Trenn-Tahhh!!”

“Ok” ( I’m thinking tick-tock lady, tick tock)

“Hold on a moment please…..

Sorry, I’m back…..could you please repeat your order? You want a Venti Iced coffee with cream?”

“No, I want an extra large iced coffee with cream.”

“That would be our Tren-Tah!!”

I shake my head and pull forward. Nope lady, too early for a sing along. Besides, I am not going to say it. You are not going to force me to use your coffee jargon to get my coffee. You know what an extra large drink size is 🙂 AND if I ever have to say TREN-TAH to get one, you are taking a dollar off, your high priced coffee, for making me sound really stupid. Like going to the Renaissance Fair and being heckled because you won’t shout Huzzah! Never going to do it. Beat me with a turkey leg, but I will never say it.

I am annoyed , but I turn up the corners of my mouth to fake a smile and hand my card to the attendant. She smiles, swipes my card, and hands me my drink:

“Here is your extra large iced coffee with cream. Have a nice day.”

Me 1 Starbucks 0

Oh yeah. I’m keeping score 🙂

**** 2022 my coffee addiction has now forced me to say Tren-Tah several times a week.

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