Life Is Short-Flush!

Have you ever had a strange memory suddenly resurface for what seemed like no connection at all?  Today this one popped up… 

Years ago, I knew a guy who temporarily rented a room in a home, along with several other men, from a homeowner. The owner gave them specific rules when it came to the shared bathroom.  The men were not allowed to flush the toilet! The owner wanted to save water, and it was only flushed once a day. The communal pot sat all day until the owner made the official flush at the night’s end.  WTH?  I said what if you had to go #2?  He said that you were just poo out of luck 🙂. He learned to hold it and only do his sit-downs at work.

 I mean, how much money could someone really save? The average toilet uses 1.5 gallons to flush.

Yikes! That rule would not have worked with a house full of women.  That first night would have required a Roto-Rooter visit, and that would’ve been the end of that Hitler Youth Camp.

May the Lord bless you, ladies, with ample TP throughout the next couple of months, regardless of the threat of shortages.  

Have extra? Help a sister out. The men are on their own. They learned to whiz outdoors when they were 3.

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