Be Present

It’s been a stressful week. Month. Ok, year.

Sometimes I feel like I can’t handle it and would rather just launch from this dimension. Ever feel like that?

Then I am reminded that a lot of why I am still here is for others. Maybe you realize that too? Helps me to let the small stuff go. I feel the most alive when I see God moving thru me to heal others. That He is real, alive and well and loves YOU! . I love helping to change the way someone views Him!

So how to get out of my own way? The best way is to purpose to stay in the present moment more often. The older I get the less time I spend lamenting about the past. I don’t care where I or you have been. It’s just a bunch of old gossip 🙂 Now it’s just struggling not to worry about the future instead of enjoying what is right now.

Staying present and worry-free can feel self-indulgent. Irresponsible. Childlike. Like we aren’t being productive or proactive. But the truth is all we have is this moment. And if we spend it holding on to the peace that Big Sky Daddy has a better plan for us it’s hard to stay tweaked.
Just saying. Try it.

Next time… pause and notice what is going good around you. What you are grateful for.
Very grateful for my wonderful family and friends tonight. My heart feels full and complete.

Enjoy this moment Beloveds!

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