Whatcha Got Cookin

Today, Cub Foods was so packed it was like Trump was making an appearance. I patiently waited, with my cart, to get through the baking aisle as Zevia was just around the corner ON SALE. It is several days before Christmas and half the store must be stalled right in front of me looking for sprinkles. I suddenly saw a man bend down and grab a container of No Salt off of a lower shelf.

I shouted “Oh that’s where it is! I have been looking for No Salt for years here. I didn’t notice it until you bent over”. The guy stood up and in a very thick Brooklyn accent said” Thanks! Its been awhile since anyone noticed me bend over”. I responded “You’re welcome!” And then we both started laughing.

These 2 older women turned to look at us and wrinkled up their faces like ewwwww… like we were hooking up in front of the Cake Flour. Apparently, today, the baking aisle was serious business and our banter was not acceptable midwest humor. My east coast girlfriends would think it was funny and know it was harmless. Good to laugh today. Good to laugh any day.

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and all that jazz…..


“Are you mean? I heard Redheads are mean!”

WTH? Great conversation starter.

She continued, “Or are you nice?” I replied” I’m nice…..until I’m not” and then gave her a wink.

I had just sat down with a group of people who included some new faces. This woman, who came from a country of mostly dark-haired and dark-eyed residents continued to stare me down. She was the size of a kindergartner so I figured I could take her if she made any fast moves 🙂

The group began to chat about an upcoming event we were all involved in but when the conversation lulled she piped up again “So are you mean?”

I relayed the story to a friend “Seriously, do you believe that? Guess that would be redhead stereotyping”. She laughed “Well it probably doesn’t help that you and I have RBF. (resting bitch face) You also have a way of looking right through someone. I can’t tell if God’s giving you a word or if you are reading someone’s mail. It’s a little intimidating”

I sighed ” I am probably in my own little world. Just stressing out trying to remember if I locked my back door.”

Years ago, I received an email from Fr. Neal who had moved to Costa Rica. “You’ll never guess what they call redheads down here! They call them Al Qaeda!”

Oh my, everyone’s a comedian 🙂

It’s ok if you are afraid of redheads. I am seriously afraid of clowns. Oh wait….don’t most clowns have red hair?

Damn! Maybe I’m afraid of redheads too.


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