God Laughs

Tales from the road: 2023 Magical Ministry Tour (Beatles, silly) 3.28.23

I stopped at a Kwik Trip in Wisconsin to use the facilities and walked by a young woman who looked around 20, applying makeup in the bathroom mirror.

God said to me as I entered a stall,” She has low self-esteem. Speak to her.”

Ok, God. She has nice hair. I’ll give her a compliment.

Aggghhh NO! I don’t have time. I need to get back on the road. Bad hair day. My hair looks like an overgrown Chia Pet. Besides, I really dislike even talking to young people in public. You know… stranger danger! 🙂

I started to wash my hands and was going to say something about her hair, and God laughed. He had other plans.

“Hi, not to be weird, but God is telling me He has better things for you to do and not to settle……”

Before I can finish, she whips around “Are you judging me because I am putting on make-up while I am working? That I should be doing something else?.” Merrowwwww!!!!!

“No, no I just heard from…..”

“Who told you to tell me?” Now she is upset, but she is only waving an eyeliner pencil at me and I think I could take her.

“No, God told me… ” then I went into how He wants her to be happy and do what makes her heart sing, even if she has to go back to school….. and then I see her eyes soften and I can tell Daddy God is touching her heart.

So I finish my word and as I walk out the door I add ” I am not trying to evangelize you, I don’t care you are putting on makeup and didn’t even know you worked here.”

The young woman smiled and thanked me as I turned to see an older woman coming out of a stall with a huge grin on her face.

I thought we were alone in the bathroom! Oh well. She was probably a Christian, just like me, enjoying the spiritual ear hustling.

Make it a God-awesome weekend.

Channeling For God?

I was on a live group chat yesterday when a Christian nurse began talking about trauma being held in the body that caused illness. She threw out that she practiced Reiki, chakras, channeling, etc. She was upset that her family and some friends didn’t accept this. I finally spoke up, “Some Christians have learned that these words are demonic or associated with the demonic. Why don’t you tell me what Reiki is to you?” She said, “I put my hands above a person’s body, ask God to tell me what is wrong with them, and then I ask to be a channel for God to heal this person. It’s all in your intent.”

I replied, “Well, your intent doesn’t sound demonic to me. If it says in the bible that as believers it is no longer I but Christ who lives in me, aren’t you already a channel for God? If you believe God can heal through you, you can just lay hands-on (or above) someone and release that. You don’t even need to say Reiki, chakras, channeling, etc. You could be turning some people off or away by the words regardless of your intent. We need to meet people where they are at.” Then I told her of a business I knew of that lost a lot of customers after they put up a flyer that they were hiring a Reiki master. The Christians fled. They didn’t stick around even to find out what it was. Like it or not, words are powerful as we have our meanings attached to them.

I added that I would never personally go somewhere for a “Reiki session” but that many people had prayed over me. She was obviously a caring professional with a huge heart to help others, but she kept arguing. I finally realized that she was emotionally attached to using these terms and getting others to accept them.

Rejection of these words was a rejection of her.

I recently bought a book by Cindy Jacobs that is currently lost somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle; I call my office. The book is about getting rid of our “Christian-ese” so we can reach more people. Stop using words like anointing, imparting, open portals (Ha), etc. Just be Jesus to the world.

Today I am going to be a calm redheaded Jesus to the world. I expect it to be pretty easy since I am not leaving my house. I am working on my book and not answering my phone.

God is still working on this Ginger channel.

Westboro Who?

Whatever happened to that crazy Westboro Baptist Church? I posed that to someone this weekend and he told me that ever since Trump came into office, they have quieted down. I doubt it The news networks have just moved on to 24/7 Trump bashing.  At least I don’t hear them showing up at funerals and mocking the deceased gay relatives any more!  Don’t care. It is such an old subject to me, at this point. I have gay friends. I have gay extended family members. I guess the word gay doesn’t even really mean that much to me, any more. Does it to you? People is people. Unless they are a$$holes.
I will have to admit that the gay men, I know, are far more fun than the straight men, but that is about as far as I go with the stereotypes. In fact, where did a lot of the old stereotypes go? Funny how when the fear of what you don’t know goes away, so does the stereotypes! For example, people have stopped assuming if one is still single and childless that they MUST be gay. Years ago, when I would first meet someone, they would ask the proverbial small talk questions to see what you had in common with them. “Are you married? Do you have any children?” And I would say no and then there would inevitably be this awkward silence and then the person would give me a quick look over and I would hear ooohhhhh! And I knew what that meant. Because I had never gone the normal route of a marriage or divorce ( or two) or a couple of baby daddies that I had to be GAY! There was no other answer!
Now if people ask, I just tell them I couldn’t have any. Not because I am worried, but because it closes the conversation immediately. No one with children, ever wants to hear some sad empty uterus story from anyone.
As A Christian, we have the spirit of God in us and can love all people. Regardless if we agree with their lifestyle, opinions or presidential candidate choice. I hear some Christians say that we, as a society, have relaxed too much and are accepting the gay lifestyle as normal. That we are going to hell in a hand basket because we are not more angered by people/issues/things that are not “Godly”. Hmmmm. I’d say if we are too relaxed as a Christian society it is because we are learning to love more. We are learning to be love.
Isn’t that what God has called us to do anyway?