I waited 25 minutes on a live chat for a rep to respond to my inquiry. I could tell Shamir was juggling numerous other chats as there were large gaps between responses. Bored, I kept one eye on the chat screen and started looking on Amazon for some vitamins while I waited. SQUIRREL!

Hmmm. I wonder when the first vitamin was created and why. That search led me to why cats only spoke to humans and not other cats. I started playing old 60’s music on youtube, which led me to google why Eric Burden left the Animals. I ordered several items on Sams.com, answered some emails, and checked into Telegram. 

Several hours later when I shut down my computer I realized that I had forgotten I was on a live chat. Oooops. Shamir asked me 6 times if I was still there before he or she ended the chat for me.

Ever do that? Or am I the only one who likes to chase Squirrel?