From Your View

I must be losing my snark! Today, I went to Sam’s Club for gas. As you know there are two pumps in every line. So I drove up to an open pump and saw a sign that it wasn’t working. No biggie. I just had to wait for the guy in front of me to leave so I could take his spot. A car pulled up behind me and as I looked into my rear view mirror I could see the guy had started to get upset.

He started waving one arm and I could easily read his lips that he was annoyed. He was complaining to a passenger that I was not getting out of my car to pump my gas. He thought I was wasting time waiting for the guy in front of me to leave. Normally, I would have been annoyed by his behavior and started snarking back, even if it was only in my head.

Calm Jeanne, who had just left a lovely family gathering didn’t even blink an eye….or raise an eyebrow!

“I am sorry mister that you are upset because you can’t see the truth from where you are sitting. It’s okay. You’ll see soon enough why you aren’t able to get your gas any quicker. I hope the rest of your day goes better.”

Kind of like life in general. At times, we need to give people a pass because they just can’t see the truth from their angle or the spot they’re in.

When I was finally able to pull up, I looked into my rear view mirror and saw the guy’s expression change when he saw the pump was down.

The snarky me momentarily reappeared and I thoroughly enjoyed watching his passenger shake her head at him; like you’re an idiot! Ha! He finally realized I wasn’t being inconsiderate and just patiently waited for me to leave.

Lord help me to give others a pass when I am in a hurry or having a bad day. Help me to see through your lens of love, patience, forgiveness, and mercy. Regardless of the person or the situation. Regardless if I am misunderstood. Regardless if the other person is in the wrong. Amen!

New Beginnings

Allow God to create and begin something NEW in your life this week. Something new in you AND through you.

Regardless of what’s going on around you.

Tough year kids. Can’t go back. Or look back. New doesn’t go back. New only goes forward.

God lead me into your plan for me! A plan that feeds my soul, fills my heart and is life giving to others.


Listen And ……

Jesus came to earth to show us how to be a son. He heard his Father’s voice and stepped out in the direction he was being called in. He didn’t need to go to a seminar or run it by a committee. He heard. He obeyed. Period.

He knew the Father’s truth. And that truth was based in love. He knew Daddy God wanted to heal, save and deliver. Always. Then Jesus listened to what to do next.

God’s truth has not changed today. But the problem is that people want to treat it like a formula. Do x, x x, and you will get y. Great. But how’s that working for you?

But in the bible, Jesus never healed or performed miracles in the same way twice. He heard the Father and obeyed. The way it went down was very personal and unique to the individual who received it. Not that God’s truth about healing was different, but the way it was administered and received was.

Why? Cause His kids are all different. And I believe it was one more way to show the recipient that God knew them. Really knew them. Otherwise, Jesus would have used spit and mud on everyone. Think about it.

🙂 Remember that when you minister. What is God saying to you to do? Or to say? Or to…..

Smarter Than The Average Bear

A friend “Susan” and I met up for coffee. As we got up to leave, she said to me, “You’re really smart. You know that. Right? “

I laughed. “We think other people are smart when they know something we don’t. That’s all.” Susan has an MBA and is no dummy.

The truth is, If we can keep our big burrito hole closed more often, we’ll learn a lot from other “smarties.”

One night, at a party, I was mesmerized by a stranger’s conversation. He was a manager at a fast-food place, and I had a ton of questions. How do they know how many McMuffins to make during the breakfast rush? How long do the fries sit there? Do employees ever spit in the food? You know, real-world-changing questions that I’ve had rolling around in my head for a while.

Later someone remarked, “I can’t believe you sat there and talked to that guy for half an hour about McDonald’s.” I said it was interesting. I find many things interesting that’s why I’m a great trivial pursuit partner. Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone plays trivial pursuit anymore ha ha Ha

Next time you think somebody’s more intelligent than you are ….. stop! 🙂 I bet there are plenty of things you know that they haven’t a clue on.

Then share them with me. I’ll meet you at Chipotle.

You Can’t Take Me Anywhere

I was out for dinner with a group of friends when the couple next to us exploded into a loud screaming match. Our stunned group suddenly stopped talking, and you could see everyone was uncomfortable. I quickly deadpanned, “Wow, dinner AND a show.” and calmly took another bite of my salad. My group burst into laughter, and we resumed our meal. It wasn’t so much that I was clever as I knew making this joke would break the tension. At least with our group, it would.

Later, I felt remorseful as the quarreling couple looked embarrassed at our laughter and left shortly after. How do you break the tension in a situation? With humor? Peacemaking? Pretending it didn’t happen?

I No Longer Live, But…..

I wrote this in 2017, 3 days after a car accident while in the hospital. I remember I did more ministry from a wheelchair in the three months I was laid up than I ever expected I would or could. God’s spirit isn’t limited by our physical, mental, or emotional limitations. Never worry about His ability to move thru you when He wants to. You’ll never miss the boat when He is steering.

So a lab tech just came in to take some blood from me. The tech emitted some sad, negative energy, so God gave me word of knowledge and some prophecy for her. I wanted to nod off while they took some blood from me, But God had some other plans instead. She took my hand and bowed her head as the Holy Spirit filled her tank with the good stuff! A good reminder that God still wants to love other people through you, no matter your circumstances.

I’m continually humbled by how much He loves his children. He’s always trying to reach us.

Galatians 2:20 NIV

I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for m

Fasting From Fasts

A friend of mine told me she would fast from FaceBook for Lent. Interesting! “Good luck with that,” I replied as I tried to remember what I had given up in the past; pre-Facebook. I recalled it was hard not to eat meat on Fridays, let alone REMEMBERING not to eat meat on Fridays. I usually tried to give up something I felt I could easily do without.

Why? Because as an early Catholic Christian, I was still hanging on to my heaters and my Miller Lite. For several years my single friends and I gave up sex for Lent, and it was easy as none of us had boyfriends at the time.🙂 I knew God wasn’t expecting me to really give up anything important because He loved me and didn’t want me to fail just to end up going to hell. Sad, but as an uninformed Catholic convert, I was always worried about falling and going to hell.

One Friday in Lent, my spiritual director, Father L, and I were out for lunch. I said, “I would love a Reuben,” and he said “so would I,” as it was his birthday. Father L gave us both dispensation for the meal. Now, do you think that if the meat issue was a fast ticket to hell that my spiritual director would have encouraged me, let alone joined me?

No, I do not hate the Catholic church. I am grateful that was a part of my journey. And I am not telling you not to fast. I believe people need to fast because they want to and not out of obligation or fear.

A reminder that Jesus already picked up the tab! Jesus says, “Nah, I got this, and He means it.” He has ALREADY paid the bill. Stop offering to throw in the tip!!!!! Your money isn’t any good here.

We don’t need to fast to get God’s approval or attention. Fasting is also not a free get out of Hell card or a requirement for favor. Let’s stop feeding each other lies about God. Just stop. No wonder people are afraid of God.

God loves you. Period. End of story. Your fasting will not get you any more of His love OR anything else He has freely given you!

Terrible Twos

Ever feel like you’re going thru the terrible twos again? Toddler tantrum deja vu? Not talking about your kids acting up. I’m talking about you, boo.

Lately, I feel like I am folding my arms, clenching my teeth, and I don’t care if I sit at the table all night. I will not eat your Brussels sprouts, and you can’t make me!

Then I remember I made them myself! I really really want those Brussels Sprouts, but I’d rather drive-thru Culvers. It’s familiar, faster, and a lot less work.

Kids, sometimes you have to stop and realize you aren’t fighting anyone. Sometimes y’all are just rebelling against yourself.

God isn’t growing you up. 🤫The devil isn’t plotting against you because you are God’s anointed 😇. It’s just YOU! You are fighting yourself and making it impossible to succeed. Especially when you want to change or do something new.

It’s hard to go the course when anything new feels strange. You expect the earth to stand still and make it effortless. Ha! There is a reason it’s called your comfort zone!

God has me learning some new stuff, and I feel like I have been kicking and screaming the whole way. Even though I want this and keep moving each foot in the right direction, it feels like wading thigh-high thru mud.

God is leading me down this path for some future reason. I know it and need to press on. Milk, cookies, and a nap? No time for that. I have to put on my big girl pants and press on.

Ever feel like that? Like why am I doing this? It isn’t even really that enjoyable. Or comfortable. It’s complicated and stressful. Then later, you realized you were glad you muddled thru. You’re not so dumb after all. And it not only challenged you but stretched you as well. Like Gumby 🙂 Ok. Well, maybe like Pokey.

Ask God to help move you along His path. With peace. With joy. With excitement. Even if it initially smells and tastes like Brussels sprouts.

Besides, eventually, you’ll figure out that God and bacon make everything better.

Press on, Peeps!

Channeling For God?

I was on a live group chat yesterday when a Christian nurse began talking about trauma being held in the body that caused illness. She threw out that she practiced Reiki, chakras, channeling, etc. She was upset that her family and some friends didn’t accept this. I finally spoke up, “Some Christians have learned that these words are demonic or associated with the demonic. Why don’t you tell me what Reiki is to you?” She said, “I put my hands above a person’s body, ask God to tell me what is wrong with them, and then I ask to be a channel for God to heal this person. It’s all in your intent.”

I replied, “Well, your intent doesn’t sound demonic to me. If it says in the bible that as believers it is no longer I but Christ who lives in me, aren’t you already a channel for God? If you believe God can heal through you, you can just lay hands-on (or above) someone and release that. You don’t even need to say Reiki, chakras, channeling, etc. You could be turning some people off or away by the words regardless of your intent. We need to meet people where they are at.” Then I told her of a business I knew of that lost a lot of customers after they put up a flyer that they were hiring a Reiki master. The Christians fled. They didn’t stick around even to find out what it was. Like it or not, words are powerful as we have our meanings attached to them.

I added that I would never personally go somewhere for a “Reiki session” but that many people had prayed over me. She was obviously a caring professional with a huge heart to help others, but she kept arguing. I finally realized that she was emotionally attached to using these terms and getting others to accept them.

Rejection of these words was a rejection of her.

I recently bought a book by Cindy Jacobs that is currently lost somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle; I call my office. The book is about getting rid of our “Christian-ese” so we can reach more people. Stop using words like anointing, imparting, open portals (Ha), etc. Just be Jesus to the world.

Today I am going to be a calm redheaded Jesus to the world. I expect it to be pretty easy since I am not leaving my house. I am working on my book and not answering my phone.

God is still working on this Ginger channel.


An email arrived with the subject line, “Is your pet prone to getting cancer?” I deleted the email and recalled an acquaintance years ago who had to put three pets down due to cancer. Unfortunately, they all died of lung cancer. She smoked 2-3 packs a day. Coincidence? I think not.

After she had retrieved the 3rd pet’s ashes from her Vet, Pat realized if she didn’t quit smoking, she would continue to have disposable playmates. She told me she wasn’t quite ready to stop the heaters yet, and living alone was too lonely. She put the ashes on the shelf with her other pets’ remains and then drove to the Humane Society to pick out another kitten.

Yikes. Cigarettes are a powerful drug. I know as I stopped years ago, after many attempts, only with the help of God. I never thought about it affecting one’s pets.