It Ain’t Just Change

3:45 PM and I had eaten nothing yet that day. I suddenly felt compelled to go to Culvers. The night before, I had gone grocery shopping and needed to swing thru the drive-thru in my kitchen, instead. I argued with myself about how I didn’t need to spend the money even as I pulled up to the order screen. Too late now!

As I waited in line for my food, God said “When the person comes out, give them the $1 dollar coin in your console from Me.” I thought well that’s kind of embarrassing. “Here’s a dollar that looks like a quarter. And oh, by the way, it’s from God! “

Change always seems so cheap or strange, to me, compared to tipping someone with a bill.

So as I debated on doing this, a young woman with my burger suddenly approached my car and I blurted out “God wants me to give you….” and before I could finish my sentence, she perked up and flashed me a huge smile. I don’t think she even cared what I was giving her. She lit up as soon as I said it was from God!

“Thank you! Thank you so much!”

Maybe she needed a dollar, or maybe she just needed a sign that God was thinking of her. I don’t know. We don’t need to know everything, kids.

As I drove away, God laughed. “Forget about the money. Do you not think I can get you the $8 returned to you?”

Kids, just be obedient and you can’t go wrong.

Listen and follow thru. Repeat.

Even if it is….

Listen and follow thru at the drive-thru.