All The Time

Recently someone, I will call Ted, made a comment to that he was just waiting on God. He was talking to me about a trial he was going through but assured me that. “God always comes through at the last minute and will show His hand. Sure is hard waiting.”

I am never really sure what people mean when they say that. Is it anguish? Or is it comforting? What exactly does this feel like to them? To me, that would be like a small child waiting on their parents to give them something to eat. Do they hold out in trust that they will receive food right as they faint but before they hit the floor. “Well, my blood sugar fell but my daddy came through at the last minute before my head hit the ground! That does not sound like a good parent to me!

Please don’t make insane comments like that around me and not expect me to comment.🙂 Just sayin. I don’t have the patience when it comes to lies from the devil disguised as God’s wisdom.

God loves you so much that He doesn’t expect you to wait until the last minute. In fact, here is some good news. It comes in the form of the Holy Spirit. He will want to provide, send assistance, send angels, give wisdom, fix it, etc. EARLY so you don’t faint from hunger OR crumble from the fear of not knowing.

And sometimes your needs catch up
With His blessings! You’ll receive it before you even need it. Start believing His blessings will chase you down the street!

Have a question? Ask Him. Need something? Ask Him. Need peace or comfort? Ask Him. You can and will hear from Him quickly if you just trust and expect that you will. If you expect Him to always pull a rabbit out of His hat at the very last minute, that is EXACTLY what will happen!

Why? Because you won’t hear or see HIM any other way. You get what you EXPECT! God is good a daddy. ALL THE TIME! Remember that. Expect that. God loves you. Luke 11:9-13. Jeremiah 33:3.