Drive Thru Wars

Around noon today, I pulled thru a Mcdonalds’ to get a bag of ice and an iced coffee. Two long lines and it was icy and slippery in a couple of spots. You all know how it goes. It’s a zipper merge after you place your order. The car in the inside lane is trying to merge in front of me and having difficulty. It is an icy patch and the car’s wheels are spinning. So I stop to give the person room to get out of the spin. The guy behind me honks!!! My window was open, and I yelled, “What is your problem????? The car is stuck! .” “The guy honks his horn again and yells” Move on! Drive around them! What is your problem???? “

Oh no, you didn’t! I freakin lost it! I just started screaming back at him! Was he HANGRY? Or just being a jerk? WTH. Don’t be honking at me when I am trying to avoid an accident. And you just disrupted my happy place, as I love my $1.25 bag of McDonalds’ ice. I continued to give the guy behind me a death glare in my side mirror as I proceeded to the first window. Then I thought….. Jesus’ love ain’t bubbling out of you right now! You are being a scary redhead, Jeanne! You need to buy that guy his lunch. Should I? I waited for God to confirm. Nope :).Ha! No soup for you!

I got up to the window, and the cashier looked a little afraid, as I am sure everyone inside heard us yelling. I just smiled, and she laughed. She probably thought don’t mess with this Peliroja Loca! (Crazy redhead). When I picked up my ice and drink at the next window, the next person flashed me a huge smile and chuckled.

The drive-thru wars. Must make the employee’s day when the customers are yelling at each other instead of complaining about the cold fries.