Small Blessings

I woke up grumpy this morning. Someone hit and ran the side of my car and I kept waking up last night thinking about it. When did it happen? Where did it happen? My first thought this morning was…. NO ONE will fess up to this and I will need to dig up $500 to cover a deductible if I want to have it fixed. 🙁

My whining continued as I looked at several plant slips my cousin had given me. They were sitting in water and had white roots sprouting at the bottom. “AND now I need to buy pots and soil for these slips. I don’t know anything about plants or even where you would buy soil this time of year.” I hear “Tiffany”. “Call Tiffany.”

NO! I am not going to bug Tiffany about soil. I will search for potting soil nearby. Maybe I should just toss these slips anyway. They made it through a 26-hour car ride from Maine but I’ll probably just kill them anyway. Its money I don’t need to spend now. Ha! Wa Wa Wa Wa. Have some coffee, Jeanne!

God continues to pester me….. “Call Tiffany. Call Tiffany. Call Tiffany and ask her.”

“Alright…” So I feel stupid but text my bud Tiffany, anyway, who lives a couple blocks from me, and ask her where I can buy dirt. She responds ” if you come over now I will give you a bag and a couple of pots that I have in my garage!”

I hear God laugh “Told you.”

Made my day. Then I remembered last night I said “God, I need to get out of my funky mood. Show me you are real. Show up.”

It’s His small gestures that make me feel loved. I’m not even upset about my car anymore. I am going to just let Him figure that one out. His BIG gestures make me feel loved too…..