My Sheep Hear…..

My sheep hear my voice. John 10:27-28

I’m listening to an interesting video from a Shawn Bolz’ class. We all hear God‘s voice. He is talking all the time. The struggle is in recognizing that it is His voice. It’s not your hearing…. It’s in your recognizing.

Ask Big Sky Daddy to help you RECOGNIZE His voice this week.

The nudge: pay attention to the simple nudge. You may call it intuition. A hunch. A pull. A draw. A gut feeling. Lack of peace. A feeling of peace. An impression. Hey look over there. Or this feels good or right to me. Or not. An urge to call or text someone.

Don’t complicate it.

Yesterday morning, I felt the nudge to send someone I barely know a prophetic word. I didn’t do it. Why? Because I barely know this religious leader and didn’t want to bother him.

Then later the nudge reappeared 3 more times and I finally sent an email. This person quickly replied that this was exactly what they were going through and thanked me as they were struggling with a decision.

Interestingly, I didn’t email them that they should or shouldn’t do it. I told them God didn’t care if they didn’t want to do it. That it was up to them and if they chose not to do it they wouldn’t be missing the boat. They would have other opportunities.

Good reminder to not ignore the nudge. No matter how awkward it feels. Or if you fear you are wrong.

God help me to pay attention to HOW you are trying to get my attention.