Karen Works Here

Is it a full moon? This weekend I heard some noises outside and opened my blinds, and my drunk neighbor with some mental health issues started SCREAMING and flailing her arms at me. WTH

This morning I stopped at Mcdonalds’ to get a sausage McMuffin WITH egg. I opened it and realized it was just a sausage McMuffin. No biggie. I started to eat it anyway…. Nope. I rarely buy these, and if my feet are going to swell from the MSG, I want the full preservative experience. I swung thru again and asked them nicely to exchange it. “Sure, come on up to the second window.” As the window slid open, an employee started screaming at her coworker, who ran the window, and me. ( Isn’t the customer usually the Karen? Ha!)

“ She didn’t pay for an egg!!! It’s another $2 for an egg!!!”
“Yes, she did. She just got the wrong item.”
“No, she didn’t!!! That is not what she asked for! She wants an egg it’s $2 more!!!!
“Here is her receipt; she paid for the egg.”

I just calmly sat back and watched as the older woman continued to manifest. She grabbed the receipt, saw that I was right, and stomped off to get a muffin with an egg. She stopped, looked directly at me, and slammed the muffin into a bag. Then she crumbled up the receipt and slam dunked that in, too, and then stomped off, still yelling. Her coworker handed me the bag, and we both just looked at her like…Yikes! WTH. I paused for a moment and wanted to lash back. Nope. I’m late for church and didn’t want to be featured in the next Drive-Thru Karen reel. 🙂

I am starting to not take these things personally anymore. This isn’t just people having a bad day. It’s a demonic manifestation. When people act like this when it isn’t warranted, it’s demonic. Take authority. Fight it on a spiritual level.

Or maybe it’s Schumann Resonance?