Pro Choice?

Why is it only a baby if you want one?

I regret my abortion. It was many years ago and I bought the big lie that it was only a blob of cells. I was afraid and thought abortion was the only solution to my situation. Blob of cells? It’s legal? Let’s go!

If you think being pro-choice is supporting women’s rights you just bought another big lie.

I numbed my guilt, shame, remorse, etc. for years with drugs and alcohol. Subconsciously, I was trying to kill myself too. Do you think I was the only woman who handled my decision this way?

The several women I know who are “in your face” pro-choice have never had an abortion. One even has 4 kids! She said to me several times, “Was it really so bad? Look at all the things you got to do because you didn’t have children.” WTH? Look at what I missed out on too. I finally said, “Well, which of your children would you have eliminated so you could have done more things?” Crickets. It’s only a baby when you want one. Or FOUR.

But what about women who will be forced to have illegal back-alley abortions? If a woman really wants an abortion she will find a safe one. Don’t buy that lie either.

The biggest lie of them all? It’s only a baby when you want one.

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