From Your View

I must be losing my snark! Today, I went to Sam’s Club for gas. As you know there are two pumps in every line. So I drove up to an open pump and saw a sign that it wasn’t working. No biggie. I just had to wait for the guy in front of me to leave so I could take his spot. A car pulled up behind me and as I looked into my rear view mirror I could see the guy had started to get upset.

He started waving one arm and I could easily read his lips that he was annoyed. He was complaining to a passenger that I was not getting out of my car to pump my gas. He thought I was wasting time waiting for the guy in front of me to leave. Normally, I would have been annoyed by his behavior and started snarking back, even if it was only in my head.

Calm Jeanne, who had just left a lovely family gathering didn’t even blink an eye….or raise an eyebrow!

“I am sorry mister that you are upset because you can’t see the truth from where you are sitting. It’s okay. You’ll see soon enough why you aren’t able to get your gas any quicker. I hope the rest of your day goes better.”

Kind of like life in general. At times, we need to give people a pass because they just can’t see the truth from their angle or the spot they’re in.

When I was finally able to pull up, I looked into my rear view mirror and saw the guy’s expression change when he saw the pump was down.

The snarky me momentarily reappeared and I thoroughly enjoyed watching his passenger shake her head at him; like you’re an idiot! Ha! He finally realized I wasn’t being inconsiderate and just patiently waited for me to leave.

Lord help me to give others a pass when I am in a hurry or having a bad day. Help me to see through your lens of love, patience, forgiveness, and mercy. Regardless of the person or the situation. Regardless if I am misunderstood. Regardless if the other person is in the wrong. Amen!

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