5 Buck Cluck

I drove over to Sam’s Club to pick up a rotisserie chicken. I didn’t feel like cooking, and they were only $5. I circled the parking lot looking for an empty spot. I decided it was just too cold to get out of my car, and I was not in the mood to make the long trek to the back of the store to only buy one item. Especially just to save a couple of dollars.
Instead, I decided to drive over to a neighboring small store and pick up a couple of items. I was suddenly reminded of a class I took years ago from Curry Blake. Curry had us pray in tongues for an extended time and then enter a public place. You were to see who was drawn to you and who was repelled. I decided to pray in tongues on the 15-minute ride and see what happened. I was amazed at the people who stopped and smiled or spoke to me while I made my way through the store. I was also amused by those who turned around in the middle of an aisle and sped off. Like they couldn’t get away from me fast enough. No, I didn’t imagine it. I finally ended up at the deli and looked at their $6.99 chickens. Do I even want one now? I hate spending more than $5 as I never finish them all, anyway. “I’d buy one if I only had to pay $5”, I said out loud to no one in particular. Then I suddenly looked down and was surprised to see one marked down to $5. The skin was missing on one of the legs, hence the markdown. Great!
I pushed my cart to the parking lot and started to load the back of my SUV. It was super cold out, and I was not wearing a jacket. I was not looking forward to wheeling the cart down 8 car lengths to the corral. In my head, I said, “I wish someone would come along and offer to take my cart.” 30 seconds later, a woman, wearing a cotton Hijab and a very lightweight coat, walked by me and stopped. “It is so cold out; please let me take your cart as my car is parked next to a cart rack. How nice! She didn’t look very warm herself. I laughed” I just wished someone would offer to take my cart” She smiled. “Well, you should have wished for a million dollars, then.”

It is always an exciting adventure to see how tongues pull, repel and find DEALS. Try it this week to see what happens.

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