And The Beat Goes On

I have 3 days left of radiation. It has been 3 long weeks of daily emotional roller coaster rides.

Some laughs. Some tears. And a whole lot of anxiety. But I continued through the fear. I told myself every day I put on my big girl pants I could get Starbucks. A really BIG Starbucks.

The staff is wonderful and my hot doctor is sweet, funny and very smart.

One day I said to him “ apparently you’re not just another pretty face”. He laughed and then I gave him a word that God had given me a week earlier. Hot Doc’s mouth dropped open. I’m telling ya Big Sky Daddy really knows how to Mic drop.

I gave 2 techs a word too. Did I want to? No. I didn’t even want to be there in the first place. But God had other plans.

Good reminder that God continues to speak through the hurricane. He isn’t thrown off by the howling wind and rain. He’s says “keep your eyes on Me! Come into the eye of the storm with Me!”

Then He waits for you to do it.

No shame or condemnation because you did not have faith and trust from the start.

He simply waits for you to join Him.

God is good and even though this year has been a crap storm, I still believe in Him.

Have a lovely week, Beloveds.

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