Speak to me!

Recently I was going thru a struggle and was overwhelmed by a feeling of helplessness. Yes, I know about authority and dominion but the lies were getting the best of me. One night, I tossed and turned and watched as the clock neared 3 am. I finally screamed in my head “GOD SPEAK TO ME! WHY AREN’T YOU SPEAKING TO ME ????” He whispered, “No, you talk to me.” I was surprised because I thought I was talking to Him. Before I could defend myself,, He responded “No, you are not You are speaking to everyone else but me.”

So I started to unload my fears, anger, and what-ifs to Him. I suddenly felt supernatural peace and dropped off to sleep. The next day I woke up and started to speak to my mountain.We go to everyone else about our issues and He needs to be the first one! Unload to Him first. Even it is about your anger towards Him and the injustices going on in your world. He can handle it. If you can’t start speaking to your mountain right out of the gate lay it at His feet. Get it up and OUT so you can start disputing the lies.

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