Ever feel like you’re going thru the terrible twos, again? Toddler tantrum dejavu? Not talking about your kids acting up. I am talking about you, boo.

Lately, I feel like I am folding my arms, clenching my teeth and I don’t care if I sit at the table all night. I am not going to eat your Brussels sprouts and you can’t make me!

Then I remember I made them, myself ! I really really want those Brussels Sprouts but I’d rather drive thru Culver’s. It’s familiar, faster and a lot less work…..

Kids, sometimes you have to stop and realize you aren’t fighting anyone. Sometimes y’all just rebelling against yourself.

God isn’t growing you up. 🤫The devil isn’t plotting against you because you are God’s anointed 😇. It’s just YOU! You are just fighting you and making it impossible to succeed. Especially when you really want to change or do something new.

It’s hard to go the course when anything new feels strange. You expect the earth to stand still and make it effortless. Ha! There is a reason it’s called your comfort zone!

God has me learning some new stuff and I feel like I have been kicking and screaming the whole way. Even though I really want this and keep moving each foot in the right direction ……it feels like wading thigh high thru mud.

God is leading me down this path for some future reason. I know it and just need to press on. Milk, cookies and a nap? No time for that. Just got to put on my big girl pants and press on.

Ever feel like that? Like why am I doing this? It isn’t even really that enjoyable. Or comfortable. It’s actually kind of hard and stressful. Then later you realized you were glad you muddled thru. You’re not so dumb after all. And it not only challenged you but stretched you as well. Like Gumby 🙂 Ok… well maybe like Pokey.

Ask God to help move you along His path. With peace. With joy. With excitement. Even if it initially smells and tastes like Brussels sprouts.

Besides, eventually you’ll figure out that God and bacon makes everything better.

Press on Peeps!