The Love Seed

Friday ramble…..There is a middle-aged woman I will call “Milly”, who is a Messianic Jew. She can’t talk to her Jewish friends about her belief in Jesus nor her Christian friends about why she hasn’t just become a Christian. It’s been 20 years and no one really wants to hear Milly’s explanation, they just want her to choose a belief system that they feel comfortable with. Milly doesn’t ever want to talk about religion, she just wants to talk about how amazing her life is because she believes there is a power greater than herself. That’s it. If we can’t agree on doctrine, can we at least start by agreeing on the goodness of God? God or Godhead?

Years ago, I frequented a consignment shop. The owner, “Lisa”, was a Buddhist Jew. I wasn’t sure how that one worked and neither was she. Before her divorce, she was part of her husband’s “”Christian church” that was more like a cult. Dresses, no make-up, men are the ruler etc. When she left him, she left that version of God behind because it was too painful. For several years, the Holy Spirit would frequently send me to Lisa’s store to pray over people. “No, I have laundry to do! I need a shower! I ……” But He would put my shoes on and drive me over to the store, anyway. It got to the point, that when I would walk in Lisa would say “Girl, you are scaring me! I knew you were coming and they are in the back. One has the flu and the other has back pain!” Women would come into the store and start talking OUTLOUD about their health issues. Lisa saw numerous people healed over the years and I didn’t have to say one word about my non-denominational beliefs. Not to her or those who needed a touch from God. The power of God in action changes hearts. Not a list of man-made rules. Can we just let the Holy Spirit do His job?

God spoke to me several days before a group of us met two Muslim women (mother and daughter), after church. They did not want to attend our service but would meet us afterward for lunch. God told me the teenager was very creative, emotionally struggling, and used art to express her emotions. That she had a kind heart but felt misunderstood. He reminded me that I had an extra art kit filled with colored pencils and markers that I should give her. We had a lovely lunch with them and the young girl was visibly touched when I handed her the gift, but even more so when I relayed what God had told me about her and her future. There was no come to Jesus meeting or sinners prayer, just a love seed planted by the goodness of God. One plants, one waters and one harvests. Can we just love on people and not have conversion as our end goal?

This weekend….meet people where they are at with God’s love. That includes your family. No talk of politics, religion, or flu vaccines. Lamb or Ham…..just try to be nice 🙂 If you can’t be nice at least bring pie.

Or better yet share a story of God’s goodness in your life. Hard to argue with that.

Blessed Passover and Easter, peeps!

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