Always On Time

As Dan and I waited for our lunch at Applebees, a young couple walked in and sat near us. The woman was striking with very black hair and large dark eyes. I tried to turn back to our conversation but God had other plans as He continued with WOK and prophetic downloads. “Ok, ok. I am on my way Daddy God.” I wasn’t in the mood and felt self conscious as I got up to give the word. I was glad the place wasn’t busy as I stood in front of their booth.

“Excuse me, I am not trying to evangelize you and just wanted to tell you what God just said to me about you.” I told her that God had told me she was beautiful inside and out. She was kind hearted and He desired that she live a life of peace. That He wanted to take her out of a life of drama. That her life would be interesting and fulfilling if she would be willing to be open to new people and new experiences.”

She looked shocked “Who told you this?” “ God did” I glanced over at her companion and by the huge grin on his face I could tell that I had just read her mail.

“Again, I am not trying to evangelize you and…..”. She smiled “That’s okay. Thank you so much. I needed to hear this.”

I went back to our table and our meal was served soon after. I noticed she glanced over at me numerous times and wondered what she was thinking.

Maybe this experience for her was the start of many other “interesting” non-drama experiences and I prayed that it was.

Always step out. Always. I have never had a bad experience sharing God’s love and encouragement. I believe it is because God has already supernaturally prepared the receiver’s heart to receive. God’s word always seems to be right on time.

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