You are known by God

Our server was a cute young girl with a huge smile. She dropped off menus and sped off in the opposite direction. God whispered “student”.
God I think every young person working in a restaurant is a student. That must just be me! I turned back to the menu and several minutes later, Dan said “Our server must be a manager, she is just running all over the place.” I looked up to see her on the opposite side of the large room. “Student” I heard again. Nope, thats got to be me. She probably is a manager. She served our meals and when she came back with the bill I heard again. STUDENT. Ok, Daddy God I hear you!

“Are you a student? You have 6 months left?”
“Yes, how did you know? I am a nursing student”
“What! Yes I want to work with babies. Seriously, how do you know?”
“God told me. Your clinicals will be easier now too. Not like the mental health one you just had”
Her mouth dropped open. God seriously had her attention and obviously her class schedule.

God went on to tell her how much He loved her and that He had her back. That this Fall she would be so happy she chose this profession and that she would know in her heart this was her calling. I assured her that He was the perfect parent and not critical and demanding perfection. She stood at our table in awe at how much God loved her that He would speak through a stranger.

She went on to tell us how she loved school and nursing, but that her father was not happy that she just wanted to be a nurse and adamant that she further her studies to become a nurse practitioner but she wasn’t interested. How she felt bad about how she had strayed away from God this past year and had just recently changed her ways. That she really missed that connection with Him.

God told her that He loved her just as she was. I opened up my bag and pulled out a $20. “Here, He told me to give you this.” Dan, who had been sitting quietly, pulled out some cash and added to her tip which almost equaled our bill.

She was delighted at the big tip, thanked us and said she couldn’t wait to tell her mother later that night what we had told her. “Great! God loves you so much and knows who you are. We could have gone anywhere but He sent us here tonight just to tell you.”

She stood at our table for several more minutes and just smiled at us. I could tell she wanted to stay longer and talk but it was time to move on. Dan turned to me and said “How do you do that?” I don’t know, but it isn’t any skill I have. The easiest times are when I just repeat what I hear God say and try not to put the pieces together myself. At some point you just get out of the way and realize it ain’t about you, boo.

Never doubt that your interactions with others are insignificant. God is always speaking to us. All of us. But, we can’t always hear Him ourselves. Help someone hear Him this week. Spread His love.

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