God cares about everything!

A beautiful truck pulled up next to me as I was pumping gas.

Hmmmm Is it Gray? Green? Greenish Gray?

I couldn’t tell but it was the prettiest color I had seen in a long time. I wanted to ask the driver when he got out but he had his head down and didn’t look open to conversation.
Oh just ask him what color it is. He isn’t going to bite your head off. I kept being prompted to ask him, but felt stupid.
Finally I blurted out “Beautiful truck, is it green or gray?”

A huge smile crossed his face.

“Both I guess. A Greenish Gray, I think. Thanks you made my day!”.


“I just bought it a couple of days ago and really loved the color. Today I was having second thoughts. So thanks so much for mentioning it.”

As I drove away I realized it was God who kept prompting me to say something. As bizarre as that may sound, I know it’s the truth. We can tend to think that God just gives BIG words. Especially to strangers. Big words about jobs. Changes. Healing revelations. Something life altering that will bring tears to the recipient. But God even cares about the little things. Like reassuring His kids about the unique paint job of a new truck they just bought.

We really make this too hard. Feel prompted to say or do something and it doesn’t go away? Just do it!

As long as it isn’t mean, you might just make someone’s day 🙂

Rock on peeps!

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