“Hi Dad! How are you?”

It’s 6:00 pm and I had just entered his unit. The tv was blaring and he made no movement as I walked past his chair.

“Dad?” I looked down to see his chin resting on his chest, mouth open and he didn’t appear to be breathing.

Oh crap! Did I just win dead daddy roulette?

Don’t hate me, but I am not looking forward to pulling that short straw! Just a matter of time before I or one of my sisters are going to walk in to find him permanently asleep.

Not on my watch, Papi! 😎 Ha!

“Dad! Dad!”

He quickly sits up. “Don’t ever do that again!!!”

“What? Wake you up? Or wake you up from the dead?”

“Next time, just let me be”

“Ok, but I thought you were dead. You weren’t breathing”

“ That’s how I sleep.”

“But you weren’t……

“I want to make it to 100!”

Yikes! 100? Most of the time, I don’t think you will make it till the end of the week.

Lord, please help me to find the time to visit him more often. Help him to open his heart to you too. You know I have tried. It’s on your watch now. Help him home.