God sees your goodness!

When I got off the plane in Phoenix I was surprised to see 5 Delta employees waiting, in a line, with wheel chairs. A man flagged me down, when he saw my cane, and asked if I needed a ride to baggage claim. “no, I am okay” . “Are you sure? Its almost a mile walk.” Ahhh. ok. My ankle is throbbing and I don’t think I can make a mile.

I got in the chair and felt really self conscious. “You don’t have any carts here like at MSP? “No.” “You’d think with all of the senior snow birds that flock here, you would have a fleet of them.” “No. We’re the fleet and we are glad to help.”

He pushes me to baggage and won’t let me get out of the chair. “I’ll grab your bag and wait with you until your friends get here.” I assure him I am okay, but he insists on waiting with me. He then runs to get several tourist guides as he wants me to “enjoy my stay”.

I feel stupid sitting in the chair and I try to ignore the people walking by giving me a sad look like…..I wonder whats wrong with her? I wish my friends would arrive so I can escape this helicopter attendant. He is sweet, but I am trying to avoid eye contact. I am also looking around to see if the doctor I saw earlier, on the plane, is picking up her baggage as I have a word for her.

God suddenly illuminates the man’s face to me and I turn to look at him. Really look at him. John looks almost 70, has dyed reddish hair and reminds me of Woody Allen sans eye glasses. “Are you a teacher? Or a trainer? God is showing me something about that.”

His mouth drops open! “Well actually I am a retired optometrist and I lived in Costa Rica and some other countries for awhile and would teach remote towns and village eye doctors how to set up an eye clinic and treat their patients more efficiently. I am actually waiting for my paperwork so I can go teach in Mexico.” WOW! I tell him that God is showing me a picture of him teaching and training others and that he is good at it. He can relate to anyone he speaks with and then God gives me some detailed information as to how he is making a difference.

John is a little freaked out but thanks me for relaying the information. My friends show up and he insists on pushing me to the car rental shuttle bus.

I continue to tell him what God is telling me and I can tell my friends think it is a little odd, but I am getting used to these public WOK. Ha! One friend tells him “yes she is very psychic” Well kind of, but it is the God kind of psychic. Ha!

A week later, of course I run into John, again, as I am looking for a Starbucks while waiting for my return flight. He remembers me, waves and asks if I want to hear some adventures he has had abroad. Sure! I love stories! I sat for almost a half hour listening to some incredible stories. “You have got to write a book! I would buy it” He smiles and tells me he used to love to write and thinks he may do that once he gets to Mexico.

I thanked him and walked back to my gate. I am glad we met and I hope he writes that book! Never underestimate what God can and will do through you. At any time, in any place and with anyone.

Makes my day every time God gives me a word for someone. I think it blesses me more than it does the other person.

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