God hangs out at Frankie’s

Long after church was over, a group of us stragglers decided to grab lunch.   Our favorite place was packed and there was a 20 minute wait.  We drove to a nearby restaurant and were told the same wait time.  At this point, everyone was starved so we just walked down the sidewalk to find anything that was open and landed at Frankie’s Pizza.

My salad was nothing spectacular but I didn’t care.  Why? Because I love this group!  These are my peeps!  Its always fun.  Always interesting.  As we finished up and waited for the bill, I decided to run to the bathroom.  As I pushed open the ladies’ room door,  a woman rushed out and she almost knocked me over.  She grabbed my arm, “I am so sorry, baby!”  “No, problem”  I smiled, “guess it scared us both.”  She nodded “Yes,  you never expect it and when I came out of my apartment and there was this guy with a hood up on his jacket and……    I didn’t really hear the rest of it as God suddenly illuminated her face and said “She is looking for a job.  A different job.   Ask her about that.”

“Are you looking for a job?  Do you need a job?”    Her eyes got big ” Well, what do you have in mind?  Do you have a job for me?”   “No.  God just told me that you don’t like your job and you are looking for a different one.”

“What?  Now you have me spooked.  How did you know that?.  I was just sitting at the bar telling my friend I didn’t like my job and wanted to get a different one.  We were so quiet that I didn’t think anyone could hear us.”

Me: “Well I didn’t hear you. In fact, I didn’t even notice there was a bar.   I am sitting over there with a group of people from my church, our pastor and his wife.  God knows you want a new job so just be open to it.  Be open to doing something different.  You are very organized and have a great attention to detail.  God has something that will use your gifts.

“I mean why would God tell you this?  Can you see how I would be freaked out?  I am sitting at the bar having a drink with my friend.  Why would God speak to you about me if I am having a drink at the bar? ”

Me:”Do you really think God cares that you are having a drink at the bar?”

She pauses. ” Well, I mean I AM drinking at a bar!”   She asks my name and tells me hers is Kia.

Me ” Do you really think that God cares that you having a drink at the bar? He isn’t checking ID’s 🙂  I mean they didn’t run out of wine at the wedding until the apostles showed up.”  She laughs!  She must have had some church if she gets my joke.

I continued “He loves you.  He wants the best for you and wants you to know there is more.   We went to 2 restaurants first and came here because there was a wait. We never eat here. He wanted us to connect, so I could tell you this.”

Kia starts to tear up. “Wow.  He does love me.  Can you see how this would freak me out.  I was just telling my friend how much I would like a different job. Thank you so much.  I don’t want to come over to your table and pray with you if I have been drinking.”

I just smiled. ” God isn’t freaked out by you having a drink and you don’t have to come to our table and pray.   Have a blessed day.”  She smiled and thanked me and walked way.

When I returned to our table, I scanned the room and was not surprised that Kia had fled the restaurant.  Ha!  I probably killed her buzz !  You can’t take me any where!

I told my peeps what happened and we laughed.  God is every where.  God is always speaking to us or through us.  No drink at the bar, or needle in your arm or blow up your nose will ever stop Him from speaking to you.  Or loving you.  Or wanting the best for you.

I hope Kia thought about it later and I hope she recognizes when that new job opportunity door is opened to her.

Just never fails to amaze me how cool God is.  You can’t out cool God 🙂



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