“Billy” Billy? “Yes, Billy” God shows me an image of young Billy standing straight and tall over a couple of people. I stop what I am doing and for several minutes watch a scene play out, like a video, in my mind’s eye. Before I can ask why, I hear “Tell his mother, Angela, what I am showing you.” Yikes! “God, I don’t even know if she believes in you and now you want me to tell her that you are talking to me? About her son?”

Aggghhh I haven’t even had my coffee yet. Do I even want to go there right now? I have a choice. I don’t have to tell her anything, as God would still love me anyway. But, would I want her to miss out on something really cool? Something that could be confirming? Comforting? Life changing? Or will she just think I am nuts? Or even worse, one of those weird ass Christians? Before I have a chance to weigh the consequences I blurt out…..

” I know you are going to think this is strange, but God just showed me something about Billy that I think you should hear. No worries. Its all good. God is showing me that Billy is very mature. That he is a leader. A quiet leader. The teachers love him and the other students listen to him. I hear God say several times that Billy is a SHINING EXAMPLE. I see him towering over a group of people. He hates bullying. Someone is getting teased or bullied in his group and I can see him saying “Stop. Don’t do that! That isn’t cool, man!” And it stops. God is showing me that he is where he needs to be, right now. He is making a difference and changing those around him by the way he is. By who he is. By the way he treats people.” Angela smiles. “That is exactly him! That is exactly how Billy would handle it too! There is a lot of anger and dysfunction with the others in the group. So glad to hear that and maybe something happened today and he stood up for someone. Thanks so much for telling me. And say hi for me.”

“Hi for you?” ” Yes, hi to God.” and she looks upward. “Sure.” I laugh and walk away with a smile. I am glad I told her. I guess I am always glad I share with someone what I hear. And I can imagine that any parent is happy to hear that there son is doing well and liked by others. Especially when one’s son has Autism and goes to school with people who are just like him. Well, maybe not quite just like him yet. Sounds like God is using him to shine a light on how to treat others. Sounds lovely. Actually it sounds like love. God’s love.

I have never met you Billy, but I think I love you already too.

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