Where does the time go?

This weekend, while cleaning off the top of my desk, I found a bunch of scraps of paper with scribbling on them. I was like WTH? It took me a couple of minutes to figure out what these bits of paper were. Duh! I had written down websites, youtube channels, book titles, product names, and other information because I wanted to research, read, view or listen to them later. Later. Later as in I don’t have time right now. Hard to fit it in when I am watching a video on facebook, while messaging on Messenger and listening to a podcast. It will have to be later. Much later, as in probably never. Unless we stop right now to take in that information we most likely never will. And I can only do 3 things at once. Unless it includes coffee. Then I can do 4. We are all so inundated with information. Overwhelmed. A media avalanche of other’s facts, theories, insights, opinions, fake news and all around bullshit. I can’t handle another blog, podcast, newsletter or coupon in my inbox. But I don’t have the heart to delete or block. I have FOMO even if I never get to it all. I am an information junkie. I can’t help myself. Search engines call my name. They tease me with the promising thrill of interesting tidbits that are only seconds away. How does one put themselves on an information diet? I don’t know. I guess it is safer than playing pull tabs. Or the penny slots at Mystic. I am cutting myself off in March. Ok. Cutting down. 🙂 Unless, of course, there is coffee!

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