Musical Chairs

Last night I went to a meeting and the place was packed. At offering time I wrote out a check for the speaker’s ministry. God told me how much to write it for. Ok. Sure. Then a couple minutes later I saw the pastor of the church that was hosting the event. His church has amazingly continued to host this revival that has been going on for 90 days straight! God told me to write him out a check for $50 and thank him for hosting the event. I thought “This is starting to be an expensive night, Daddy God” But, I knew I was hearing from God so I wrote out the check and then the pastor suddenly looked up at me and walked over and I handed him the check.

In the meantime, they are playing musical chairs in my section and moved a young man to the chair next to me so they could seat a large family together. “He is looking for a job.” What? God whispered again. “He is looking for a job” Job? ” a different job”. Ok, so what do you want me to do with that.? Like I didn’t know. I wasn’t in the mood so I was trying to play dumb until I was sure it was from God. For the next 10 minutes, God kept repeating himself. Ok.I get it. I didn’t feel like I was being disobedient, but rather I felt kind of stupid. Like it is too quiet to say anything right now. So finally I leaned over and whispered to the young man “Are you looking for a job? Or a different job?” His mouth dropped open and his eyes got big! “Yes, how do you know that?” “God told me” Then God suddenly opened my mouth and gave me the rest of it. I think sometimes He doesn’t give you the WOK or prophecy until you open your mouth to relay it. Why? So you don’t add your spin on it. Our human minds want to fill in the blanks so it makes sense. And, as you know, the supernatural doesn’t always make natural sense.

“Be patient as God has the perfect job for you. In fact, it is right under your nose. Or it will be. Does that make any sense?” He just smiled. “No, but I am sure I will find out” Ok, now my work here is done. Ha! I can start quietly playing Words With Friends while I am listening to the speaker. But, God wasn’t finished. “Give him the $20 bill you have in your purse”. What? Now I know it is just me. This money and my blank checks must be burning a hole in my bag tonight. “Give him $20. He has a need for it”. Yikes. Ok. Now how do I do this? As a male friend has said “Men don’t like it when you give them money or advice. Especially advice!” Hahahaha! Lord, how do I give this guy money so he doesn’t get offended? Or worse yet, think I am a crazy pants? God laughs “You’ll figure it out” Glad you have such confidence in me, Daddy God. I sat on it for about 10 minutes and thought again….this is sure getting to be an expensive evening. My buddy Christopher and I decided to leave early and as I stood up I knew it was now or never. I leaned over and whispered to the young man “Don’t think I am weird or anything, but I am supposed to give you this $20” and I handed him the bill. His mouth dropped open again and he looked up at me like WHO are you? “Oh, you must know why I am giving this to you. I waited for him to say something like I am broke or I need money for gas. Instead, he smiled and said “Wow. God told me I was supposed to donate $20 to the church tonight for having the speaker”. I just smiled “Well there you go.” and we left. Probably a good thing God didn’t give me heads up on why he needed it. Certainly easier to give if you think someone REALLY needs something versus just another donation. But God had other plans. His plans. God, you could have just had me give the pastor $70 bucks đź™‚But we all know it just wouldn’t have been the same.

On the way home my friend and I discussed what happened. Even though I really enjoyed the worship and really needed to feel the tangible presence of God…maybe I wasn’t supposed to go to the meeting for me. Maybe it was for this guy. To build his faith.To build trust. To build a clearer awareness of a God who is AWARE of him! Not sure. Guess I don’t need to know why. But at least I am not worried about the money. Daddy God always gives it back to me and then some. I am learning that it isn’t really about “being obedient” In fact, I am getting tired of people saying that we need to “be obedient” regardless of how we feel.

If you know in your heart that God is telling you to do something it isn’t hard to do it or to follow through. Right? If you really believed God was telling you to do something and it wasn’t blowing up a nightclub or marrying a 10-year-old, wouldn’t you do it? Call that being obedient or whatever. I just call it BEING with God on the same wavelength.

Make it a good week peeps đź™‚

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