Westboro Who?

Whatever happened to that crazy Westboro Baptist Church? I posed that to someone this weekend and he told me that ever since Trump came into office, they have quieted down. I doubt it The news networks have just moved on to 24/7 Trump bashing.  At least I don’t hear them showing up at funerals and mocking the deceased gay relatives any more!  Don’t care. It is such an old subject to me, at this point. I have gay friends. I have gay extended family members. I guess the word gay doesn’t even really mean that much to me, any more. Does it to you? People is people. Unless they are a$$holes.
I will have to admit that the gay men, I know, are far more fun than the straight men, but that is about as far as I go with the stereotypes. In fact, where did a lot of the old stereotypes go? Funny how when the fear of what you don’t know goes away, so does the stereotypes! For example, people have stopped assuming if one is still single and childless that they MUST be gay. Years ago, when I would first meet someone, they would ask the proverbial small talk questions to see what you had in common with them. “Are you married? Do you have any children?” And I would say no and then there would inevitably be this awkward silence and then the person would give me a quick look over and I would hear ooohhhhh! And I knew what that meant. Because I had never gone the normal route of a marriage or divorce ( or two) or a couple of baby daddies that I had to be GAY! There was no other answer!
Now if people ask, I just tell them I couldn’t have any. Not because I am worried, but because it closes the conversation immediately. No one with children, ever wants to hear some sad empty uterus story from anyone.
As A Christian, we have the spirit of God in us and can love all people. Regardless if we agree with their lifestyle, opinions or presidential candidate choice. I hear some Christians say that we, as a society, have relaxed too much and are accepting the gay lifestyle as normal. That we are going to hell in a hand basket because we are not more angered by people/issues/things that are not “Godly”. Hmmmm. I’d say if we are too relaxed as a Christian society it is because we are learning to love more. We are learning to be love.
Isn’t that what God has called us to do anyway?

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