Don’t be a Christian A$$hole!

You cannot have someone else’s God experience for them!

Someone asked me, this past week, how to speak truth into the life of an unbelieving family member. Today, someone asked me how they could help their conservative Christian family experience God outside of the box they have put Him in. Truth is…you can’t! You get the God of your choosing! The God of your beliefs! Or more rightly…..the God of your unbeliefs!

I didn’t believe in God for over 10 years! I thought Christians were stupid, weak and totally unenlightened. I was into the universe, energy and making things happen, by myself. Ok. ðŸ™‚ Me and the universe making it happen. And the universe didn’t have a name or a face. Just a pulse. A pulse without a heart. It was only here to connect everyone and everything, together. It didn’t give a rat’s a$$ about you personally… was just doing its job. Doing its job and whoa to you if you had any bad karma coming. Do the crime, ya’ll got some bad karma time to deal with!

I did NOT want to hear about God stuff. Nor any quotes from the bible. To me, it was a pack of lies that were written to support the Jesus myth. Like Greek Mythology. Only the tasty part of the Jesus myth included Christmas gifts and chocolate Easter eggs.

My grandfather was from England and into Edgar Cayce. I heard that he believed he was psychic and would contact the Minneapolis police department, from time to time, with information about crimes. One time they actually held him, because he knew some undisclosed information. My grandmother was from Scotland and I am sure she had some witchy voodoo going on in her lineage because my mother was all up into that new age stuff and I grew up around those materials. My sisters might not recall, but she had a lot of magazines laying around and I got into that realm as a young person.

It was not until I had a mind blowing, unforgettable and earth shattering experience, where I was glued to my chair by the presence of God, that I was even open to the possibility! Then I recall being terrified that God would want me to be one of those religious weirdos who stood on street corners and handed out tracts and held a sign about the world ending. But, I soon found out that He didn’t want me to be a work horse! He wanted to love me as a daughter!

You want your friends and family to find Jesus/God? Stop being a Christian a$$hole! How? Stop pushing your version of Jesus onto unbelievers and believers who don’t quite think like you! This isn’t Amway and you aren’t building your downline! Collecting souls is not going to win you a spot in Heaven nor give you residual blessings. Those come free! Free with YOUR belief and not anyone else’s! I am also NOT saying don’t share testimonies of God’s goodness and how He has worked in you and through you. Just try not to be so weird! Ha! Unless it is a fun kind of weird.

What can you do? Start praying that the unbelievers and stifled Christians, around you, have a mind blowing, amazingly supernatural and relevant TODAY experience with God all on their own!

I didn’t believe until I had one myself. No one could do that for me. I had to experience it myself.

As far as already believing in God, but wanting more? God will stretch your belief in Him, when you allow it.

When you allow it. WHEN YOU ALLOW IT!

Ok rant over ðŸ™‚ Aggghhhhh

My sister should have NEVER taken me to Target today. Must be those fluorescent lights.

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