Last day of a Z pack and I needed to go to urgent care today because I was short of breath. Nebulized me and gave me some prednisone. Aggghhhh. Bronchitis GO! Why is it easier for us to believe God can heal cancer and not a cold? I was just emailing that to someone tonight and God interrupted me before I could finish the sentence and said….”Because you believe, in some instances, it is permissible to be ill.” Hmmmm touche Daddy God! Then I went naw….I don’t really think that. Do I?

But the truth is that I don’t use the word permissible very often, even though I know what it means. Then I thought, Jeanne… you REALLY know what permissible means? Y’all better look it up.


permitted; allowed.
synonyms: permitted, allowable, allowed, acceptable, legal, lawful, legitimate, admissible, licit, authorized, sanctioned, tolerated; informal legit, OK

Either Jesus paid for it ALL, or He didn’t. We don’t need to tolerate anything! Not a cold, not hemorrhoids, nor PMS! Not even adult acne nor a freakish rogue hair growing out of our necks. HA! Women will get that one.

I may think I believe it is ALL FINISHED, but the truth is I must not! Otherwise I wouldn’t tolerate even that feeling that I must be coming down with something! I seem to forget that I don’t need to accept a cold, until I am a week or so into it and then think….oh suck it up. It will be gone soon anyway. NO! Start asking for the truth of walking in divine healing for you every day! What would that look like for you? Ask God. He will tell you.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in a formula or ritual for healing that we forget about our relationship with Daddy God. What is He saying divine health looks like for you? How are you going to walk it out?

Think about it. Or don’t think about it. Just know that what we believe, we call into our life. Every day and in every situation.

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