Mortadella please….

I pulled my phone out of my purse and started playing Candy Crush. I was standing in line trying to kill some time, instead of the guy in front of me at the Deli Counter. He was taking more than his sweet time pacing in front of the glass case reviewing the array of meats and cheeses. In a very thick Brooklyn accent he asked the clerk. ” I’d like some Mortadella. Where is your Mortadella?”. The clerk gave him a quizzical look. He looked like your typical Midwestern teenager and most likely didn’t know what Mortadella was, let alone how to pronounce it. Mr. East Coast continued “I just moved here and will probably come in here…..a lot.” The clerk just shrugged his shoulders as to say, I ain’t holding out on you mister. New Yorker sighed and finally asked for a pound of Hard Salami. “Fresh slices please.” I wanted to say “Excuse me, but this is Cub. The Hard Salami already comes pre- sliced in a bag. You need to go over to Byerlys.” but I pretended I was too pre-occupied to notice their exchange. He took his purchase and tossed it into his basket and I could tell he was disappointed. It is hard to try to translate yourself into a new and unfamiliar community and bring your old life with you. Especially if you are a foodie and just moved into the land of bologna and Velveeta.
Lately, I find God taking me out of my comfort zone. It is both exciting and scary! Trusting that God wants the very best for me, I continue to take forward baby steps out of what is familiar and comfortable. God can turn things around in a flash and create good out of bad and NOTHING is ever lost or hopeless to the Creator. Nope. We have the God of suddenlies! It is one thing to think this, another to believe it and amazingly and utterly cosmic to walk it out. I have simply stopped analyzing and just started to trust. My pea brain can’t comprehend it all, anyway. Things I thought would never happen are suddenly manifesting in a matter of weeks. You think I would be overjoyed but I have terrified my family, at times, with my wide range of fearful hysterics. Why? No matter how much we say we want things to change, when it comes down to it, most of us would rather stay where we are at. I think it comes down to fear. Fear of failure. Fear of making a mistake. Fear of lack. Fear of success. Fear of having it all. Fear of not really be worthy of getting what you have always wished for. Would it help you move forward if you knew how much God loved you and wanted the very best for you? That you are worthy, righteous and valued as the precious child of the most high God? No matter if you have believed in Him for years or just met Him 2 seconds ago? It is that simple peeps. He wants to give you the world. His world! Open your arms, HEART and MIND to receive. Just receive! This year, just make the decision that you will just receive and stop trying to figure it all out.,

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