Let’s Make A Deal!

It was 10:40pm, last Saturday night, and I was standing in line with 8 other people who had also decided to do some late night shopping, at Kohls. There was only one register open and the customer being served was in no hurry to finish her transaction.

“That will be $19.00, please”

“I no want dress. Too long for me. Need to be fixed. Give me money off.”

The clerk is a little confused. “Ma’am, the dress is already 70% off. I can’t take anything else off.”

The customer continued in her broken English, “Maybe I don’t want. Too long. Give me a better price. It will cost me to fix.”

“Ma’am, I can’t do that. It is already discounted”

“Too much to fix. I don’t want. But maybe I buy it if you give me better deal”

“Than don’t buy it. You don’t have to buy it. That is the price! I can’t give you any other discounts.”

We all stood in silence and watched them begin a staring contest.The clerk just look flustered and the customer looked like she could not understand why the clerk wasn’t even trying to negotiate with her.

A stand off at the register! I was trying not to laugh! Hey Lady! This isn’t a flea market! The only way you get another discount is if you find something wrong with the item. As in, something wrong with the item FOR everyone! Not just something wrong with it for YOU. Either start doling out those Kohl bucks or move ON! 🙂
Tick Tock. Lets get this party started! Target, next door, is only open until Midnight!

Now everyone else started to grumble under their breath, except for another person who was dressed similar to the customer and she looked confused too. Maybe she wanted to negotiate as well! Ha! 🙂

Different cultures. Different shopping behaviors.

The clerk finally picked up the phone and requested that several other clerks come up to help out at the registers. As I left the store, I turned around to see the same customer still trying to swing a deal. Ha! She was just not getting it. Or maybe she was. I bet in the end, they gave her another 15 off, just to get rid of her. 🙂

Different cultures. Different shopping behaviors.

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