Catfishing. Don’t be caught.

Warning…..stupid young women rant!!!!!!!

This afternoon I watched a handful of episodes of MTV’s Catfish. These people have got to be TOTALLY clueless! Or just want to be on TV, for any humiliating reason, now that The Jerry Springer Show is off the air. Especially the girls who got duped by photos of young men that looked like models and then their guy ends up being a confused young woman. Here is a clue…. If his words sound too good to be true….he probably isn’t a he! Ha! Just sayin. If he sounds like one of your girlfriends…..he might just be.

The older you get, you will come to appreciate the silence and deer in headlights look men get when you talk about your feelings. Or their feelings. Just sayin. It doesn’t come as naturally to them.

Dear Clueless……

1. Is he prettier than you ? If he looks like a model and POSES like a model… he probably is a model and those photos came from someone else’s profile.

2. Feelings that come too easily. When you share your feelings and your internet man know exactly how to respond to you…..AND it takes less than 24 hours…he probably isn’t a guy.

3. Sexting. Just don’t. You will regret it.

4. Skype. If you meet men online or on FB, insist on skyping with them. They will find a way to skype with you if they are real. Don’t accept any excuses. He/she isn’t shy! Ha! They just don’t want to be busted so early in the game. Especially since you haven’t sent them gas money to come visit you yet.

5. Meet face to face. Plan to meet them in person. Starbucks. Target. Your local police department…..while you are there they can run a check on him. Oh? They can’t? Because they were kidnapped? Hospitalized? On house arrest? Mmmmmhuh. If a young man is that hot for you, his testosterone will act like a homing device. His internal GPS will have him swimming through alligators OR piling through snow drifts, to track you down. Like our estrogen helps us to find sales, their hormones help them fix things and find women.

Agggghhhhh Insist on being a high value woman!

Ok. Rant over. Guess I am glad I don’t have a teenaged daughter or her FB account would be so hacked……

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