Drive Thru

This evening, I was about 4 blocks from my local McDonalds and was trying to decide if I should stop and get some iced tea. I love McDonald’s ice tea, but if I drink it too late, it likes to keep my brain shuffling thoughts until 3 am. Besides, I already had some this morning. Ah what the heck, I am up late anyway. So I pull in, order my iced tea and as I am waiting in line I see a young woman lean out the 2nd window to hand food to a customer, 4 cars ahead of me.

Holy Spirit: She is really good with numbers. Very analytical.

Jeanne: Ok.

Holy Spirit: Tell her that

Jeanne: Really? Agghhh It is so busy and what if I am wrong. This is the McDonalds that I go to every morning for my coffee, I don’t want them to think I am weird.

Holy Spirit: Tell her. She is also very organized. He then gives me a vision of her in a business suit in a large building.

I am thinking…..what happens if this isn’t God and just some low blood sugar talking. Maybe I won’t say anything anyway. She looks really busy.

Young Woman: Here’s your drink, sorry for the wait.

Jeanne: Thanks. Hey I don’t want you to think I am weird or anything, but are you good with numbers? You’re very analytical? Right?
The YW’s mouth drops open and she looks surprised.

YW: Well I’d like to think so.

Jeanne: Well God told me that and said you are very organized and showed me a picture of you working for a large corporation with something to do with finances. Maybe that is what you are supposed to do. Do you think that is strange that I said that?

YW: No, actually I was thinking about that earlier today and trying to decide if that is what I want to go for in school.

Jeanne: I have goosebumps! Well, maybe that is your confirmation.

I drive off and realize that I really didn’t even want any iced tea, but God had other plans. My buddy Rachel and I were just talking about this today and how God gives us promptings like this, that just seem so natural. Like every day occurrences and it is either to help others, help ourselves or to keep us out of harm’s way. God did not give spiritual gifts just as signs for unbelievers, He wanted His sons and daughters to be able to navigate in this world with both natural and supernatural advantages. I used to hate it when people would say “well God only gives you blessings so you can turn around and bless others”. Do you give your children things and expect them to give it away to others? Wouldn’t that all just be about show then? Or works? Making Himself look good at your expense? Be it physical, emotional or financial expense? He don’t work that way kids! Ha! And I’m super glad. He is a good Father and only desires to give His children good things. Yep. Just good things. I’ll be thinking about that tonight too. Probably until 3 AM.

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