Put Some Meat In Your Cart!


Recently, I was reminded of a past shopping trip in my old “interesting” hood. I will never complain about the randoms at Walmart again.

One Saturday afternoon, I decided to check out a discount food chain that had just opened up in the center of the town I lived in. 20 feet into the store and I regretted not packing my small handgun, as there was some seriously shady energy strolling the aisles pushing shopping carts.  Oh well. You can handle this Jeanne, you only need a couple of items and you have no meat thawed out, at home, for dinner.

I stopped and asked one woman, who was bent over digging through the frozen pizzas, if she ever bought meat here. I was taken aback, when she suddenly spun around and angrily spewed “Meat?…fresh meat? Of course! It’s fine!!!.” I couldn’t hear the rest of what she said, because I was too terrified watching the fire and pitchforks shooting out of her pupil-less eyes.

“Oh. Ok. Thanks.” I quickly exit and head back to check out the store’s small meat case. I begin to pick through the dismal meat selection and noticed all of the odd brand names. To tell you the truth, I would eat at White Castle before I dare cook some chicken breasts that came from “Wong’s Farms.” Just sayin.  The pork selection also looked a little on the gray side and I thought ewwwww….. not today. As I turn to leave, I hear the Holy Spirit say “PUT SOME MEAT IN YOUR CART!” What? No there isn’t anything I would buy…….. “PUT SOME MEAT IN YOUR CART!” Since I have the bossiest Jesus ever, I toss a package of ribs in my cart and roll off to go find the paper towels.

Then as I start heading up towards the check out lanes, I see Satan’s sister look up at me as she is bagging her groceries. She turns to her boyfriend and ( I can clearly read her lips)  commands him to, ” Go look in her cart and see if she has any meat.” He obediently heads my way and the look of fear on his face is clearly saying,” Lady, for everyone’s sake, please have some meat in your cart.” He strolls by and nonchalantly looks into my cart. I can see a look of relief cross his face and he turns back and nods to her.

What would she have done if there was no meat? Get in my face? Cut me? Go pick out some meat for me? I wait until they leave the store and then put the questionable pork back.

Thanks El-Sha-daddy!

As I fearfully exit the store I actually turn my head to look around for this couple in the parking lot. God how did that happen? I don’t like feeling vulnerable. He said “You’re not. If you wanted to, you could have stood in the corner and delivered them all.”

Anyone else ever momentarily blindsided by the dark when it hits the light? Remember we have all authority. Even if we momentarily forget we do. Besides, if we are listening, He always gives us a heads up to toss some meat in our cart. Always.



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