Chill, The Holiday season has just begun.

OH NO! Warning! Early Holiday RANT!!!! I pulled into a Cub Food’s to find a flurry of shopping carts and cars vying for any open parking spot. Just your typical last minute shopping traffic before Thanksgiving. I noticed one terrified looking woman who was trying to cross a stream of cars whizzing past the front door, so I stopped and motioned her across. She smiled and waved at me, and looked relieved to not have to dash across the street. I smiled and thought, Oh Jeanne, you are such a nice person! 🙂

I quickly looked in my rear view mirror to see who was behind me and saw a man angrily waving his hands! He looked like a senior who should have voluntarily gave up his license ions ago and I don’t think he could see this woman crossing in front of me. Oh no! Sir, please don’t honk….and before I knew it, Moses’s brother was laying on the horn! BEEEP! BEEEP!!!! The woman looked up at me like, what is your problem? She thought it was me! Aggghhhh!!! I was just trying to be nice and now it looks like I am an A$$ because she didn’t move fast enough. Now I am upset, so I roll down my window and YELL….”Stop honking your horn!” Now I am mad at myself because I lost it, and the Holiday season hasn’t even begun yet! Ha!

Oh well. The store is busy and I probably won’t run into either one of them. Several minutes later I am in the soft drinks aisle and as I am mulling over carbonated water choices, this same woman strolls by with a cart and suddenly stops and just looks at me. She has this bewildered look on her face and I am thinking are you going to say something to me? I smiled and pretended not to recognize her and put a 12 pack in my cart and kept moving. Then I see Mose’s brother and I want to say something to him like “Did you not see that woman?”, but he looks generally confused and I think Jeanne, do you even care?  You know how you hate to be misunderstood, but who is this about anyway?  Really?  Them?  Or you?

When it gets down to it, all of this misunderstanding was really caused by a chain of reaction that really was not necessary. PEOPLE!!!! Take a chill pill this Holiday season. Nothing is that important that you can’t be kind to others. If you don’t trust yourself to be patient this Holiday season, order everything online. Even your groceries!

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