Casting out Demons at Boston Logan

As I was sitting at my gate in Boston Logan airport, I noticed two men sitting across from me that were making derogatory remarks about the women that were walking past. These men, who were passing judgment, were by no means attractive. In any way. Ever notice that really attractive men do not sit in groups making in-sensitive remarks about women?

Anyway, after 10 annoying minutes of listening to them, I received a revelation as I supernaturally saw this shadow cross over their faces. Of course! It is the evil one talking through them. Poor little innocent un-attractive lambs! 🙂 They are just the puppets!

God whispered to me ” What are you going to do about it?”

Thank you Holy Spirit for reminding me. I do have authority and dominion over all that is not of God. I can change my sphere of influence every where I go. Every room I walk into, Christ walks in with me.

So I looked directly at them and under my breath said” In the name of Jesus I bind any spirit of lust, anger, negativity, gossip, humiliation, condemnation, and perverted sex and command you to go NOW! Go NOW in Jesus name and loosen these men from your grip! Stop your thoughts and shut your mouths! NOW!!!!!”

Now of course they couldn’t hear me, but the evil that was using them as puppets did.

A heartbeat later, the two men had this deer in headlights look, their mouths dropped open and they just shut up. Just like that. They both had this expression like huh? what just happened? They immediately stopped gawking and remained quiet, like respectful travelers, until their boarding was called. Interestingly enough, when the evil left them they also lost their own “ugly”.

Ain’t God cool?

Seriously. We serve an awesome God! Learn to believe and receive what God says about you. YES YOU!

You can heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons and preach the gospel. Where ever you go. You have the power of the Holy Spirit with-in you to change your world and the atmosphere around you.

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