Laid out and word up!

Last Friday I had an appointment with my physical therapist. I was in a lot of pain and he was trying to stretch out a muscle that was cramped. “OWWW!!! I feel like I am going to get sick!” Have you ever been in so much in pain, that you thought you were going to get throw up?
I tried to breathe through it and was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to handle the treatment for much longer. I suddenly felt some prayer in tongues starting to bubble up inside of me. I could feel the vibration start in my chest area and as it began to move up… I thought…..Oh no!…. just inside! Stay inside! Ha! I did not want Bill to think I was quirkier than he already did! I tried to hold it in and then finally just gave up and opened up my mouth and let it out! I softly prayed, out loud, in tongues for 3-4 minutes and when I was finished, I heard….

Bill: Was I supposed to understand what you said?

Me: No, not really.

Bill: Ok, well what language were you speaking?

Me: Well it was the Holy Spirit.

Bill, OK, but what language were you speaking?

Ha! Don’t we just assume that everyone has heard praying in tongues before? Even if it is just someone making fun of it on TV?

Me (laughing): It was the Holy Spirit. I was actually praying in tongues. Have you ever heard that before?”

Bill: Nope, first time for me.

Then the Holy Spirit just hit me and I laid out in the spirit for 45 minutes and didn’t move, nor said a word. For those of you that know me well, you will totally understand how difficult that would be on my own!
But as I laid there, God gave me an attitude adjustment and all of my anxiety and anger from a dysfunctional week simply melted away, along with the pain.  God also downloaded some words of encouragement to me, for Bill.

When the session ended I was a little apprehensive about sharing this information, but it is hard to hold back when you truly believe it is from God. Even if you are afraid that you will end up looking really stupid.
Me: Bill, can I tell you what God just said to me about you?

Bill: Sure! ( I am surprised that no one has ever said no to me)

Me: God told me that you are worried about finances. Finances for education or continuing education? He wants you to know that He has it all figured out. That you don’t have to worry. I also told him some other personal stuff and when I got done, I asked if any of that made sense.

Bill: Yes, actually I am worried about finances for education. My son’s College fees are due now and we are still waiting on some money.

Me: Well don’t even worry about it. Consider it done.

He just smiled at me and he looked like a huge weight had been lifted off of him.

Now how can I just go and give a word and not have proof? Tangible proof? Well, I believe by faith that I heard it from the Holy Spirit and that is tangible enough proof for me! Don’t be afraid of being wrong! What if you are right? God wants to speak to His children more than you believe He does!
I am excited to hear that Daddy God is going to pull another rabbit out of His hat. I hope Bill shares the details of that with me. Nothing better than testimonies of God’s love and goodness!
Living a life led by the Holy Spirit is NEVER boring!

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