Libraries Be Packin!

A library that I have frequented for the past 15 years was recently closed for remodeling. I was directed to another library, several miles away, to pick up my reserved books.
As I am checking out, I look up to see a security guard. You couldn’t miss the guy, because he was sitting on a stool in the center of library.

I lean over and whisper to the librarian “Do you always have a security guard here? I mean you’re like next door to the police station.”

She said, “Yes, we always have a security guard. Most of the libraries do now.”

My mouth drops open! “What? Because of book theft?” Like it is some new horrendous library gang activity! HA! I am so clueless sometimes!

She just smiles “Actually, because you wouldn’t believe the odd people who walk in and try to cause trouble.” Now I am really curious, “Really? Like what?” She just hands me my books and said” About almost anything.”

Yep, I suppose. I bet all that quiet can be FREAKY to some people. Got to stir up some noise and chaos, because it feels normal.
I was shocked to say the least. I mean crime and bad behavior in A LIBRARY!!!!!

Ha! I recall, all a librarian had to do was to give you that LOOK.

What is this world coming to if you can’t even feel safe in a library?

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