Be A Stand Up Woman!


P: “Sometimes, I just simply hate people!”

I laugh! “Yes, sometimes I do too.”

P: “Don’t you laugh at me! And don’t tell me it is the devil. Sometimes people are just a$$ holes! ”

I laugh again! ” Yes they are! So what happened?.”

P: ” Do you remember that incident that I told you about at work, where that psycho woman lied about me? Well she finally got fired.”

Me: “YAY!”

P: Now the problem is the rest of the women hate me because they think I was the reason. I filed the report that she was lying about me. My bosses didn’t believe me. It went on for 6 months. They finally investigated and she got fired. Now I have to deal with everyone avoiding me or whispering about me when I am in the cafeteria. These women knew she was doing this to me and did nothing. To me they are just as evil!”

I wasn’t really sure what to say. Been there. Too many times I am afraid. It is hard to understand why people would side with the abuser. In fact, it is hard to understand why someone would go along with any bully in the first place.

Me: “Maybe just avoid everyone until it blows over. They are more worried about their own skins now. See ,you didn’t lie down and take it. You stood up. You were powerful. You decided not to be her next victim. They are more worried about retribution than anything. If they can make you into the bad guy, then they can justify their actions towards you. Just be nice to everyone and allow them to feel a little afraid of you. AND…don’t freakin start baking cookies or stuff and bringing them into work. Nothing says guilt like Rice Krispy bars!” Ha!

Maybe some of you have been there too?

*** I HAVE come to realize that most bad FEMALE behavior comes from a root of fear. Fear of loss. Fear of pain. Fear of there not being enough to go around. Be it money, men, praise or position. Fearful women will start fighting anything that moves towards or away from them. The weak feel it is best to rally around the abuser/nut job and play dead as to not cause any attention.As my wise HR sister told me once, some bullies just trade the play ground for the workplace.

Just decide now that you are not going to play the victim, nor play along! OR PLAY DEAD!

Don’t be a victim. A door mat. A sponge for anyone else’s fear, anger or negativity. Start modeling self worth and self value! Start raising up young women that aren’t afraid to stand up for truth. Their own or anyone else’s.

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