Gas Station Joy

Yesterday I was in my old hood and stopped to get fuel. As I was pumping gas, I notice a van pull up and 4 special needs adult men jump out and run inside. When I enter the store, I see one of them paying for their snacks, while the others were laughing and boisterously chattering to the crowd that was waiting in line. They almost skip as they make their exit.

No one blinks an eye.

I decide to get some coffee and as I was pouring myself a cup, I look up to see a woman enter the station with a baby in a stroller. I hear an “OH YEH!” as throws her hands up in the air, and begins to dance and sing along with the music playing overhead. A young girl, that was with her, smiles and the crowd waiting in line, just looks on.

No one blinks an eye.

No snorts. No eye rolls. Nothing.

I don’t know if it was due to the neighborhood I was in, or if people just have more tolerance for disturbance when it is joyful. 🙂 I would like to think it is because it is hard to not smile, even if just inside, when you see others truly happy and enjoying themselves. Unless it is your enemies. Ha! Then you would be snorting and eye rolling, even if it was just in your head.

Life is so much more enjoyable when you can see the joy around you. If you feel sad, angry or anxious today you may just need to step back and look around. What is there to feel grateful about? What is going right? Do you have a job? A place to live? Family and friends that care about you? Good health? A library card? Your spouse hasn’t poisoned you yet? 🙂 Ha! Seriously? What can you be grateful for…. right now?

I believe joy springs from contentment and you can’t have contentment if you don’t at LEAST feel content about something. Anything! No matter how small it is!

What are you content about tonight?

I gave major thanks for my wonderful family! The thought of them and how much they support and love me…..makes me feel JOYFUL !

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